Quality guaranteed.

We enable access to state-of-the-art prescription lens production.

All Lens X Change lenses are made to order by highly skilled technicians to ensure the best-in-class quality of every lens. The company is continually striving to employ the highest industry standards in its production, through ongoing research and investment in manufacturing.

Our lab facilities employ the latest technologies and offer a unrivaled standard of performance

Fast turnaround: The less facility operates 24/7 to provide quick turnaround times for incoming orders.

Comprehensive lens options: The RX Lens Lab is a state-of-the-art centralized optical labs in Shanghai, with a comprehensive selection of lens options including our own free-form designs.

Capacity: The Lens X Change state of the art production facility has the capacity for 10,000 plus jobs per day.

Our in-house packing and logistics gives your brand full control.

Store your product at no extra cost and receive fastest delivery time.

Lens X Change provides the option for brands to store their products at no cost, at out lens labs, where orders can be fitted and shipped as soon as an order is received through our software. We enable smaller brands to access a process that is normally reserved for multinationals at a fraction of the cost and with a faster delivery time.

Secure your brand’s integrity with custom wrapping and finishes on orders.

Lens X Change simply provides the best-value pathway to the prescription lens market.

Finishing touches are never overlooked with Lens X Change. We offer custom packing services to present your product exactly in line with your brand.

Whether a safety glasses retailer or luxury, we’ll present your package in the right way for your customer.

We can brand, package and ship directly to your customer.

Offer a complete suite of lens options that suits every prescription need.

tinting | advanced coatings | anti-reflective, anti-smudge, anti-static, and anti-scratch.

We provide a vast range of lens technology. This includes single vision, bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses.

We can deliver Mineral lenses tailored to the customer’s needs and use requirements. This includes a full-range aesthetic design solutions such as use in sporting activities.

A full range of specifications is available on request.

Bolster your business. Without hassle.

Innovation Simply

Broaden your customer offering without any extra back-end process. Lens X Change takes away the cost and hassle of dealing with a variety of different manufacturing companies with a multitude of different processes and priorities. It allows for seamless matching of lens and frame together with dedicated management of the whole supply chain.

Access a seamless flow for upselling.
Lens X Change creates a streamlined sequence for fitting of prescription lenses, logistics and storage of frames as well as remote tracing plus the option for healthcare and consultancy packages, which allow the brand to offer healthcare rebates.

We Clearly Need To Talk.

To learn more about LensXChange and how we can help your company maximize its bottom-line, please call us at 888.868.8535 or complete the form below and we will call to answer your questions.