Jim Lazarides CEO & Founder

Jim Lazarides, CEO and Founder of Lens X Change has designed and marketed eyewear for the world’s leading eyewear brands and manufacturers. Jim co-founded Arnette Optical and sold the currently operating Arnette brand to Bausch & Lomb. Jim is the owner and founder of the eyewear design company, House of Vision & Design Ltd. developing eyewear for a large number of brands around the world.

With a strong 38-year technical background as an optical technician & dispenser, Jim has the technical and visionary approach to guide the Lens X Change business globally.

Bjorn Russel | Chief Online Optometry Consultant

Bjorn is a qualified Optometrist and has over 20 years industry experience. He has owned and managed up to eight retail stores in Western Australia under the Luxottica franchise business. He became the first franchisee in OPSM’s history in 2009, and was awarded Luxottica Franchisee of the Year in 2012 and 2015.

Bjorn has previously served on the Optometry Association of Australia (WA) board and brings a wealth of knowledge and numerous key industry contacts to the Lens X Change business.

Joe Jackson  | Business Development, Brand Manager USA

Joe Jackson is an optical category expert with 30 years experience in the optical sunglass industry across Australia and the United States. With a sales focused vision and growth mindset, Joe’s converted sales for some of the largest territories in the US while working for Arnette.

Since then, Joe has helped launch several brands for Tom Shoes and Eyewear in the United States that achieved world status. Joe has astute understanding for the optical business and clearly sees the potential of the category with tech projects such as Lens X Change.

Harry Ashton | Marketing Consultant

With 15 broad and diverse years in marketing, Harrison possess a deep understanding of product and services promotions across finance, events, wholesale goods, fast-moving consumer products and retailing, for global companies and Australian corporations.

Harrison is a business goal focused marketing specialist with a high level of working knowledge and expertise in the delivery of technical strategy, in all facets of marketing and brand.

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