We bring incremental dollars into focus with prescription lenses.

We provide a fully automated, e-commerce compatible, back-end solution for prescription lens ordering, production, fitting & delivery.

Lens X Change enables online eyewear retailers to sell prescription lenses on any pair of frames.

Easily transform any eyewear business into a more profitable prescription online retailer in one business day

Offer a complete suite of lens options that meets every prescription requirement.

Ensures integrity of your eye-wear offering with our world-class manufacturing & logistics capabilities.

Simple to install, simple to use… It just works!

Lens X Change works seamlessly and integrates with…

Health is our focus.
We make better vision, more accessible.

A seamless, elegant, online solution to enhance your e-commerce offering while generating a new  untapped source of sales.

Our tech team will support you day in day out. Our powerful App will integrate seamlessly with your current web-dev platform.

In less than a day you could be generating additional income while offering your customers a complete turn-key solution for ordering Rx Eyewear.

  • Cloud based solution that just works every minute of everyday.

  • Tech support is available 24/7/365 to ensure your uptime.

  • Integrates seamlessly with all the most popular cart and checkout solutions.

  • Integrates seamlessly with all the most popular cart and checkout solutions.

  • Integrates seamlessly with all the most popular cart and checkout solutions.

Amazingly Fast & Accurate
Think Of It As Vision A Bit More Visionary

Connect your brand with a network of optical industry experts. Lens X Change provides end-to-end fabrication, production and fitting of Rx Lenses to your current frame offering.

Our labs are strategically located around the world and are staffed with qualified optometrists and technicians all working within a powerful logistics framework helping you to deliver value-add seamless results for your customers.

  • Connect customers to optometrists and healthcare rebates.

  • Gives a provider number for healthcare rebates.

  • Offers online services from an optometrist to allow for consultations.

  • Offers online services from an optometrist to allow for consultations.

Opportunity is proliferating in the online prescription space. We’d love to show you our vision.

E-commerce retailers must evolve with disruptive players or lose market share. From prescription skincare to prescription eyecare and subscription medication, the next generation of consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce for health-related products and services.

E-commerce brands must evolve their offering to stay competitive against prescription players.

  • Connect your customers to optometrists and healthcare rebates.

  • Offers online services from an optometrist to allow for consultations

  • Gives a provider number for healthcare rebates.

  • Gives a provider number for healthcare rebates.

Lens X Change is an app-based supplier that gives your business access to a $2 billion* (and growing) prescription lens market.

Lens X Change is an app-based, software-driven optical prescription lens (RX) supplier that allows seamless ordering, production, and delivery of best-in-class optical lenses in less than half the time versus traditional channels.

We connect your e-Commerce channel directly with our laboratory to ensure an accurate and high-quality order process. Our supply chain is structured to offer brands more control from end-to-end in the ordering, design, and delivery process.
*Size of US prescription lens market

New Markets are waiting…
• Increase your value offer and bolster sales with your current eyewear?
• Achieve greater sales conversion of existing customers?
• Capture market share from the big box prescription retailers?

Bolster your business.
Without hassle.

Broaden your customer offering without any extra back-end process.

Lens X Change takes away the cost and hassle of dealing with a variety of different manufacturing companies with a multitude of different processes and priorities.

It allows for seamless matching of lens and frame together with dedicated management of the whole supply chain.

Access a seamless flow for upselling.

Lens X Change creates a streamlined sequence for fitting of prescription lenses, logistics and storage of frames as well as remote tracing plus the option for healthcare and consultancy packages, which allow the brand to offer healthcare rebates.

How Lens X Change Works

Seamless integration and no additional resourcing

This Is One Amazing Opportunity

LensXChange is simple to implement into your existing e-commerce site and offers a robust, powerful and complete solution to offer your customers a seamless solution to add Rx Lens purchases to their online order.

Device Responsive. Elegant. Powerful UX

The Lens X Change App is powerful and smooth. It works seamlessly in your current website. Our technical support team will help you to install, test and deploy our custom ordering solution in less than a day, allowing you to better service your customers and improve your bottom line.

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