A no risk solution, set up in one business day.

Bolstering profits with end-to-end simplicity

Lens X Change enables online eyewear retailers to sell prescription lenses on any pair of frames.

Easily transform any eyewear business into a more profitable prescription online retailer in one business day
Offer a complete suite of lens options that suits every prescription need
Uphold the integrity of your eyewear with our advanced manufacturing capabilities. Any shape. Any colour.


Lens X Change works seamlessly integrates with…

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Why Lens X Change?

We provide the best-value pathway to the prescription lens market…


Lens X Change is around 40% cheaper than most local optical labs and is fully compliant with all industry and optometric standards. The company runs a 24-hour working table, with three shifts per day, with the capacity currently to produce up to 1 million RX lenses per annum.

The most pronounced difference against using standard laboratories is that the process is looked after from end-to-end enabling the brand to be accredited as a fully functional prescription eyewear business. This allows customers to claim frames and lenses through health insurance.

…with the most hi-tech automated solutions


Brands have the option to store frames at the facility in China or Mexico, given that a good number of brands manufacture there, or alternatively have the lenses fitted at the Lens X Change partner labs.

The whole process from the order placed by the customer is a software-driven process without the need for human intervention, with software functionality to process the lenses, right through to processing the invoice.

The integration:

How we connect your store to the factory

The Backend: Fast, accurate and effective

Single core system strengthens supply chain accuracy:

Our single system manages the ordering and fulfilment process end to end, creating a simple process for enhanced supply chain accuracy. **WITHOUT knowledge from brand owner**

Optimised ordering across a global network of laboratories:

Our software talks to labs anywhere in the world and knows exactly where and when to place a drop for production as well as manage logistics and invoicing.

Prescription accuracy via optical error detection:

The Lens X Change backend software that takes the orders from the App is equipped to pick up errors in optical data input and to filter out any obvious irregularities and eliminate human error.

Fast lens fitting turnaround (10 days):

Once the lens is complete and fitted it is sent back directly to the brand. The turnaround time from receipt of the order to delivery is around 10 working days (significantly faster than the three-week industry average).

Made to handle technical requirements:

The LENS X CHANGE   Laboratory Management SystemTM was designed by ophthalmic experts, working with our computer engineers and software developers in ophthalmic laboratories, to provide solutions for lab requirements.

THE INTEGRATION | How we connect your store to the factory



Your brand connects the Len X Change App and API back-end software to your website, which then provides a full technical menu to handle the ordering process.



The customer places an order on your website and elects for prescription lenses. Lens X Change handles the order directly from the front-end website with no additional interaction required.



Customer is directed to input their prescription details through a simple menu, with error reducing software designed to pick up any obvious mistakes in the data being entered.



Lens X Change handles the logistics up to the point of delivery to the brand owner.



Our specialist optometric team will consult directly with your end consumers on your behalf with follow up requirements.

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Bolster your business. Without hassle.

Innovation on your wrist

Broaden your customer offering without any extra back-end process. Lens X Change takes away the cost and hassle of dealing with a variety of
different manufacturing companies with a multitude of different processes and priorities. It allows for seamless matching of lens and frame together with dedicated management of the whole supply chain.

Access a seamless flow for upselling.
Lens X Change creates a streamlined sequence for fitting of prescription lenses, logistics and storage of frames as well as remote tracing plus the option for healthcare and consultancy packages, which allow the brand to offer healthcare rebates.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

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